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Ciena Services

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Accelerating your journey to the
Adaptive Network

To keep pace with unrelenting business pressures and customer demands, you need to evolve your networks so they become more intelligent and agile every day. At Ciena, we call this ideal end-state the Adaptive Network.

Realizing the Adaptive Network doesn’t happen overnight—it’s a journey. Everyone has a different starting point, investing in technology to address current network needs, market dynamics, and business objectives. But technology alone isn’t enough to ensure success.

You need a partner with a consultative approach and the right expertise to navigate this complex journey. This is where Ciena Services comes into play. We know the network like nobody else. Our team brings the most experienced technical personnel, best practices, and processes—along with most effective tools for handling network complexities—and works side-by-side with you every step of the way. 

Ciena Services

Focused on solving your business challenges

Enabling your business to grow and respond to changing market dynamics requires network evolution, but sometimes finding the right resources and expertise to start this journey can be a challenge. Ciena Services is a trusted partner that can guide you through any challenge—big or small—as you evolve your network. We help you address the common business challenges below.

Network Modernization

Fixed- to flex-grid photonics migration

To meet the unrelenting demand for more bandwidth, you have to scale your network to deliver greater capacity, while also reducing cost per bit. Evolving from a fixed to a flex-grid photonic layer can help you achieve this. Following our proven modernization methodology, Ciena Services, can guide you through a seamless migration from fixed- to flex-grid without downtime, hassles, or considerable changes in your network infrastructure.

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TDM-to-packet migration

With TDM technologies rapidly becoming obsolete, the transition to modern packet-based approaches— which promise better system performance, support for both legacy and new business services, and lower operational costs—has begun. The challenge is to determine the right strategy to reliably migrate critical network services, while taking advantage of a packet-based approach. Leveraging Ciena’s best-practice modernization methodology, our proven services provide an expert layer around Ciena’s products.

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Systems Integration Service for Virtualized Edge

Launching high-value virtualized services such as SD-WAN can be a challenge. The new service introduction process can take months, not to mention the ongoing lifecycle management. All of this consumes many resources, creates operational complexity, and gives you less market agility. Ciena’s SI Services are highly specialized with a focus on network evolution. Built upon our depth of experience in enabling some of the world’s most complex networks, our SI services bring this unique know-how to helping you execute your virtualized edge strategies.

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